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Any gifts or art of my characters made by other amazing deviants!!!!!!!!!!

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Luna of the Sun by ItalySky
Luna of the Sun
Luna of the Sun?

Princess Luna: "A week ago Celestia went through this mirror and she has yet to return."
Twilight: " A WEEK AGO and you're just telling us NOW?! How have you kept THIS quiet?!
Princess Luna: "...'Tis been difficult."

I really liked these scenes from the comic series of MLP: FIM. Volume 5 involves and alternative universe. I really enjoy how they made Luna's character. Shes kind of funny. Anyway theres a small panel of her trying to raise the sun and is having a rather difficult time.

Anyway I hope to make more art from these scenes!
Help me choose a cutie mark. by ItalySky
Help me choose a cutie mark.
So I've been trying to practice the MLP style and I think Im getting the hang of it! Anyway I wanted to create my own My Little Pony and this is what I came up with! When I was little I used to play horses all the time and I chose a name for a special one I used to play and her name was "West Wind" and of course she'd have to be able to fly! I also am very partial to teals and blues recently - usually my favorite color is green.


Here is my rough design of West Wind. But. I need help with a few things: Lets take a vote

I put some designs up that I've made and ones with "W"s for the Direction West. So if you guys don't mind voting which one you'd like the best and also maybe a color for them? I forgot they can't just be black! Your welcome to sketch it for me or just comment with your opinion. Your own ideas for her cutie mark are welcome as well! I personally am partial to #8 & #6 myself but I thought I'd get some ideas from others too.

Also her eye color. I wanted to make it different then her coat by choosing one that stood out more like the orange... but again... blue eyes!!! So help, up in the right hand corner is her with orange eyes. Should I keep them ice blue or that vibrant orange.

NOSE MARKING: I made her have white stockings but im not sure if the nose band is too much.. in the right hand corner is her with no white on her muzzle. what do you guys think?

Anyway I hope you like her. She looks a little stuck up in this sketch but I think she is mostly just quiet.. you know the resting bitch face thing... yeah thats her. I also wanted to do her mane up and curly :3 idk why but for some reason the ponies look so nice and regal when theyre manes are in up do position. I also think she is going to be one of those pegasus that doesn't really fly that often. Shes not shy and pushed around like fluttershy but is not one to blast around in the sky. More of her personality is coming soon.
May The Best Celestia Win by ItalySky
May The Best Celestia Win
May the best Celestia win?

I've been working on this off and on for the past two weeks. I wanted to try and make my horses look more "MLP" like and I think it turned out pretty well. Please excuse the lazy background.. I mostly wanted to practice drawing them and coloring..

 Got the idea from the Comics. So far the comic where Celestia has to battle her evil counter part form a parallel universe and falls in love with King Sombra (the nice one) is my favorite. We get to see Celestia in a more relaxed and natural light and even Princess Luna as well. Princess Luna is very funny.  We even get to see Celestia go all super sayan and pretty much catch fire! I'll definitely be drawing her on fire more often... she's got some rage! I know the show is mostly about Twilight but they often make the alicorn princesses sort of weak. I feel like Celestia should be super powerful.. but eh :shrug: thats just me. Anyway Enjoy! First of many pony fan arts to come.

My Little Pony belongs to hasbro (or whatever its called)

Celestias by ItalySky heres the other version just plain ponies fighting in the sun.

Back to the art

Sat Jul 4, 2015, 3:24 PM

Dark Water Ranch 
DWR Stallions 
DWR Mares 
Non-Harpg Characters

I love deviantART!  Update  I love deviantART! 

Thats right folks I'm back. Not sure how "back" considering I'm a 2 years out of university and into the real world.. Which I have to say it scary. I don't want to adult anymore! Fear To many rules, bills, scheduling, work, and not enough time to do anything I want. But I just quit my second full time job to become full time at a Pet Emergency Clinic I've been part timing at. Better hours, more pay, more time. I'm excited. My learning curve within my field is better (wasn't excelling at day clinic) and I love working there.

My mare "Miranda" had surgery this february so she's been on lay up since then, so I haven't been riding at all :( but shes' getting better. One more vet check and some hock x-rays and we may be back into it w00t! 

I acquired an Aussie puppy last June and she's the light of my world! I frickin love this dog. I've spent so much time training her and loving her uggg I can't even help it. I'll post some pictures!! Or If you guys have instagram she has her own. Under Korra_Caboose. She's a diva. She posts a lot of pictures.

Anyway got to go get ready for work. But I miss drawing so much. Hoping to have more pictures up.

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United States of America  Anyway Hope everyone as a great July 4th American or not! United States of America 

I'm on fire! 

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Clarissa Baker
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
21 Year old Senior Animal Health Science Student attending California state Polytechnic University of Pomona.

I have many hobbies one of them is drawing, mostly horses because I'm fascinated with them and plan to make a career out of them. I have been drawing since I was 8 years old and around 18 I was introduced to Photoshop and now hoping to gain higher and more advanced skills in it by practicing.

I do draw random things and horses running around but recently I've mostly focused with the HARPG because it forces and inspires me to draw different scenarios, angle, etc.

I have many hobbies I enjoy other DA, Horseback riding, (many disciplines) skiing, swimming, soccer, and various sports. These take up my time and often get in the way of producing many art but its okay cause my art is for my enjoyment and not a schedule.

Send me a note sometime and we can chat I love talking with new people from other countries or from my own :3

Soooo... I got a GoPro, which for those who don't know is an awesomely tiny camera that shoots HD...and I attached it to my Polo Mallet as a test....Check it out <3 

1 deviant said…
1 deviant said Watch it in 760 or higher
1 deviant said Also for those who actually have a winter...this is sunny California..I wish it was raining :/



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